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Please note: All of our pieces are lovingly handmade & hand-made by artisans using natural products. Some minor variations in size, design or colour will naturally occur from piece to piece.

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Dachshunds ​


Cats & Kittens


Check out our new ranges of hand made & painted wooden ducks, including our brand new Mega Ducks!

Duck sizes:
Sets of 4 approximate size Xs (25cm), S (32cm), M (39cm), L (45cm)
Singles Range between 35-39cms.
Mega Ducks 65-70cms

(products are hand made - variations to the sizes, tails & heads do occur)

Mini Ducks with Polka Boots

Ducks with Gumboots

Ducks with Webbed Feet

Mega Ducks

Ducks with boots / shoes

Ducks with Hats & Boots

Novelty Ducks

Mini Ducks

Duck signs available in Large Set 5 or Small Set 5
Year Round:
Thank You    Lrg: SITHL   /   Sml:  SITHS
Welcome   Lrg: SIWEL   /   Sml:  SIWES
Good Luck   Lrg: SIGLL   /   Sml:  SIGLS
Happy Birthday   Lrg: SIHBL   /   Sml:  SIHBS
Love   Lrg: SILOL   /   Sml:  SILOS
I Love You   Lrg: SIILL   /   Sml:  SIILS
Mixed (ie: Who gives a duck, Ducking out)   Lrg: SIDUS5L  /  Sml:  SIDUS5S
Mixed Names (ie: Daffy, Daisy etc)   
Happy Fathers Days   Lrg: SIFDL   /   Sml:  SIFDS
Happy Mothers Day   Lrg: SIMDL   /   Sml:  SIMDS
Happy Easter   Lrg: SIHEL   /   Sml:  SIHES
Seasons Greetings   Lrg: SISGL   /   Sml:  SISGS
Merry Christmas   Lrg: SIMXL   /   Sml:  SIMXS
Mixed Xmas    Lrg: SIXML   /   Sml:  SIXMS
Noel   Lrg: SINOL   /   Sml:  SINOS
Rudolf​   Lrg: SIRUL   /   Sml:  SIRUS

​Australian Animals